Home for Sale China Grove NC

home for sale china grove nc

Are you looking for that dream home for sale China Grove NC? We’re not surprised, as North Carolina, according to a real estate authority, is a highly desired place to live.

Pooling some rough numbers, it turns out that the median home value in North Carolina is $188,200. North Carolina home values have actually been on the rise to hit 7.1% growth this last year.

If you ask enough real estate agents or perhaps brokers in the area, a consensus prediction of another rise up to 3.9% is very possible this next year alone.

If you’re looking for a home to go on sale in China Grove NC right now, you’re in luck! Enjoy this virtual tour of a beautiful home that is tornado, earthquake, AND hurricane resistant..right in the heart of China Grove:

Why is this Home For Sale China Grove NC Perfect for You:

This house weighs in at 3 bedroom, 3 baths, and a whopping 4,800 sqft. As you can already tell from the video, it’s a gorgeous custom built dream home. It comfortably rests on a generous 15.56 acres and houses a 1 acre pond, fully stocked with Bass and Bream!

This home for sale China Grove NC comes with a huge open floor plan to host 3 bedroom, 3 bath and contains a 2400 sq ft finished basement.

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What’s incredibly unique about this picturesque fortress is that it has energy efficient ICF walls that are R-50 rated.

This means that in this home, the walls are 20 inches thick and are Hurricane, Tornado, Earthquake and Fire proof including Garage with 10 ft ceiling!

This home in 10 years is predicted to save the next home owner over $50,000 in electric bill savings!

Conveniently this China Grove House is only 2 miles from I-85 at Old Beatty Ford Road. Easily cruise for a short 18 minutes to 485 north in Charlotte NC.

Home For Sale China Grove NC? What About the Comps?

For starters, the median listing price per square foot in North Carolina is $135. On the same token, the median home value in North Carolina is reported to be $202,215.

The median price of homes as they currently stand, are listed in NC at $274,990. This is interesting because as the median price of homes is sold just shy over $200K, the price of rent for homes in NC is $1,395.

If you’re in search of a home for sale in China Grove NC, always keep the event of foreclosures present in your mind. They are always a factor that impacts home values over several years moving forward.

Wondering About Foreclosed Homes Near China Grove, North Carolina?

Statistically speaking, about 0.8 homes are foreclosed, per 10,000 in this state. Don’t let this number intimidate you as it’s actually lower than the national value across the states (sitting at 1.2).

What Obstacles Are in The Way of a Home for Sale in China Grove, NC?

Continuing within the same vein of foreclosures, a delinquency in mortgage payments is the usual first step leading to a foreclosure.

Foreclosures in North Carolina

As you already probably gathered by now, a foreclosure occurs when a homeowner fails to make their mortgage payment.

A simple Google search will show you that the percentage of delinquent mortgages in North Carolina is 1.0%. Don’t fret again though, this number is still lower than the national value, remember?

As it so happens, if you remember what happened years ago to the US real estate marketplace, home values were falling by more than 20% nationally from their peak in 2007. Watching stats and charts shows us that a trough was reached in the latter part of 2011.

It is reported that homeowners are now underwater on their mortgages. This means that they owe more than the home they live in, is worth. Roughly, the percent of North Carolina homeowners that will underwater on their mortgage is 8.3%.

Don’t let the numbers scare you though! In order to make a good real estate investment that is both intellectual and level headed, you need practice and should have a mentor.

A Home for Sale China Grove NC is Much to Be Desired:

If you’re looking at a particular home for sale in China Grove, and still on the fence about taking the plunge, consider what fun leisure activities the city has to offer.

In China Grove specifically, you’ll have access to the China Grove Roller Mill, Happy Tails Alpacas, Massage Studio of China Grove, AND the Warrior Golf Club!