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  1. Link Teen Speaks 20 Languages, posted almost 3 years ago on 12 June 2013
  2. Page_white_text New Words for Oxford English Dictionary, posted almost 5 years ago on 23 August 2011
  3. Newspaper Robots Learning to Communicate, posted about 5 years ago on 20 May 2011
  4. Link NY Times Bans "Tweet", posted almost 6 years ago on 12 June 2010
  5. Newspaper Healing Power of Swearing, posted almost 7 years ago on 13 July 2009
  6. Cup Offensive Language versus the Community Standard and an Illusion of Decency, posted almost 8 years ago on 25 June 2008
  7. Newspaper Future Evolution of English, posted about 8 years ago on 08 April 2008
  8. Page_white_text A World of Languages: An Interview with Simon Ager, posted almost 10 years ago on 06 August 2006

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