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  1. Newspaper Protecting Women by Recommending Beatings, posted about 1 month ago on 02 June 2016
  2. Newspaper Virginia Schools Close Over World Religion Course, posted 7 months ago on 18 December 2015
  3. Cup Burning of the Koran, posted over 5 years ago on 03 April 2011
  4. Newspaper Ground Zero Mosque, posted almost 6 years ago on 15 August 2010
  5. Newspaper Extreme Prophet Devotion, posted about 6 years ago on 18 June 2010
  6. Link The Jihadist Next Door, posted over 6 years ago on 28 January 2010
  7. Link War Turning Iraqis Into Atheists?, posted over 8 years ago on 03 March 2008
  8. Newspaper Archbishop of Canterbury Calls for Sharia Law in the UK, posted over 8 years ago on 07 February 2008
  9. Newspaper American Woman Arrested in Saudi Arabia for Sitting With a Man, posted over 8 years ago on 07 February 2008
  10. Link First They Came For The Gays, posted over 8 years ago on 28 January 2008
  11. Newspaper Academic Study of Rediscovered Ancient Koran Manuscripts Cause Controversy, posted over 8 years ago on 15 January 2008
  12. Page_white_text A Concise History of Islam, posted almost 12 years ago on 11 October 2004

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