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  1. Link Switching to Natural Gas will do little to combat climate Change, posted almost 5 years ago on 09 September 2011
  2. Cup New EPA Standards and the Energy Industry, posted about 5 years ago on 04 August 2011
  3. Link Shale Gas Bubble?, posted about 5 years ago on 26 June 2011
  4. Link Methane and the Greenhouse-Gas footprint of Natural Gas from Shale Formations, posted over 5 years ago on 12 April 2011
  5. Link The Ol' Out of Gas Trick, posted about 8 years ago on 31 July 2008
  6. Link First Hydrogen and Gasoline Station Opened by Shell in West L.A., posted about 8 years ago on 26 June 2008
  7. Newspaper Gas Prices - Where the Money Goes, posted over 8 years ago on 13 March 2008
  8. Newspaper Chinese Mega-Company Makes Debut, posted almost 9 years ago on 05 November 2007

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