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  1. Newspaper Civilian Drone Casualties, posted about 1 month ago on 02 July 2016
  2. Newspaper FAA Releases Drone Guidance, posted 2 months ago on 23 June 2016
  3. Newspaper Huge New No Fly Zone Over DC, posted 8 months ago on 04 January 2016
  4. Question Can You Shoot Down A Drone On Your Property?, posted 11 months ago on 07 October 2015
  5. Newspaper Illegal Uses of Private Drones, posted about 2 years ago on 05 July 2014
  6. Newspaper Commercial Drones Coming To You, posted over 4 years ago on 27 February 2012
  7. Newspaper RQ-170 Downed in Iran, posted over 4 years ago on 12 December 2011

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