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Who is responsible for the government shutdown?

The President
17 (26%)
The Senate
The House
The Republicans
27 (42%)
The Democrats
13 (20%)
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We pay them to do one thing: enact laws and run the government. They are refusing to do their jobs.

This shut down doesn’t stop them. It stops the Librarians, museum workers, parks, zoos, etc.

Congress still get’s its pay.

If we make congress subject to it’s own laws, instead of above the law, a lot of this wouldn’t happen.

Obamacare? Great, but not for congress. They’re exempt.
Shutdown? Sure! But not for congress. They get paid.

See a pattern?

Time to vote out every. single. incumbent. in both parties.

As of this week, none of the above answers are correct.

It’s now Speaker John Boehner who’s personally responsible for the continuing shutdown. Twenty-two House Republicans have come forward indicating they’d be willing to pass a “clean CR”, which would sail through the Senate and be signed by the President immediately. Only seventeen of them need to be telling the truth, as that would be enough to pass it.

Speaker Boehner is now simply lying when he says that it doesn’t matter whether he brings a vote on the clean CR to the floor because there aren’t enough votes to pass it. He needs to put up or shut up.

It’s Boehner that’s keeping the government closed — nobody else. It’s an abuse of his power as Speaker and verges on a terrorist act. A government default will be far worse than 9/11.

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