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The military pension system?

Is hurting America - pay them less and make them wait.
10 (15%)
Is better to target for debt relief than entitlement programs.
Is a big portion of the DoD budget, but only a drop in the debt bucket.
Is a reward for a lifetime of hard and difficult service.
49 (74%)
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Just get rid by ldsudduth

of the pensions for the ‘hangers on’..the Government Service employees; Pensions are the reason why GM pays $74/hour to make a car, while Toyota, Honda and other non-pension auto manufacturers in the US pays $48 (or did four years ago—see here).

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shitbags! by brho

When I see the “Is a reward for a lifetime of hard and difficult service.” option, I can’t help but think of all the crappy people that stuck around just for the retirement: some lousy senior NCOs with three years to go on cruise control, or some junior officers that stuck around because they could sham for a while and eventually get immense benefits. (note: i’m not saying this is all people, just that i am reminded of those). There’s a big difference between someone who worked their ass off (or even a veteran with blown off legs) and a shitbag that shammed for 20 years. Let’s reward them equally.

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