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Most beneficial form of exercise?

Aerobics (Step, Tae-bo, etc.)
Aerobic Machines (Treadmills, Eliptical, etc.)
12 (15%)
11 (14%)
8 (10%)
22 (28%)
Competitive Sports
9 (11%)
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I'm sorry but ... by VnutZ

… running sucks.

Last summer, myself and a group of 5-7 others would play basketball games of three on three. (The odd person just plays all time offense) I was in the best shape of my life. With an alteration in my eating habits, 4 games of basketball a week and near-daily eight mile bike rides, I was losing about 1 – 1.5 lbs per week…depending on whether or not I consumed alcohol.

There was something about the competitive nature of the people I played basketball with…they were always pushing me to run harder and play longer. It was not unusual for me to go straight from work to the court at 5:30 and attempt to guard guys faster, stronger and taller than me for 2.5 hours. I think that right there is the benefit of competitive sports.

And losing weight is great, but as far as all around benefits, my ability to take the stairs to the fifth floor in the building I worked at (without getting a headache) was, in the words of Peter Griffin, "friggin’ sweet."

Despite the humidity of a Florida summer, I was also sweating less…if that makes any sense. I felt like my increased activity caused my sweat glands to chill out. No more beads of sweat on the brow while going from the house to the car. This is certainly less a product of the basketball playing itself, than it is a symptom of playing outside in the heat: acclimation.

But come September, I moved to CA, lost my basketball friends and my routine and by January I had gained 30 lbs. Since, I have joined a gym (and have actually used the membership consistently, 3-4 times a week), got a new bike and the clothes are fitting better again.

I hate running. Absolutely. But I do it now and then.

For me it’s definitely martial arts… if you get a good school, you get exercise, the ability to defend yourself, and a good grounding in philosophy all at the same time. Union of mind, body, and spirit, and all that jazz. Somehow with the spiritual/philosophical component it seems a lot less like work to me, so it’s easier to overcome my (rampant) laziness. I’ve done some running, too, with less success.

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Consistency by Anonymous

The most beneficial form of exercise is the one you will to stick with… To varying degrees each of the exercises listed will improve your health, appearance, stamina, etc.

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