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Life versus Choice?

Pro-Life 100%
5 (21%)
Pro-Life ... unless its a health risk to mother
Pro-Life ... unless its a health risk to child
Pro-Life ... unless its sexual crime
Pro-Choice ... via contraceptives
4 (17%)
Pro-Choice ... up to 1st trimester
3 (13%)
Pro-Choice ... up to 2nd trimester
Pro-Choice 100%
7 (30%)
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Tough Call by GreatWhiteDork

I think the process is disgusting, and my wife and I are personally Pro-Life 100% in our own practices. That’s where we diverge.

My wife, a devout baptist, is completely Pro-Life. No arguments. End of story.

As far as me: I can’t tell others what to do. I would be completely pro-choice with a couple of caveats:

  • Late Term – At some point between conception and birth, the fetus is completely capable of living outside the mother. In my mind at that point, if the woman decides the baby is unwanted, it should be taken from the mother and put in the NICU and put up for adoption. This is just my opinion. YMMV.
  • Partial Birth – Not at all! The argument that a fetus is not life just broke down. As soon as part of the baby clears the birth canal, the fetus is born. Now it’s a baby. Furthermore, it’s a U.S. citizen, having been born in the U.S. It therefore cannot be killed without it being a murder. Hell, if you are going to do this, why not wait until the fetus is, say, two years old? See what the kid’s like as a toddler and “abort” it if it’s a little crap-weazel. Eat those peas, Timmy! Mommy’s got the doctor’s number again!
  • Under no circumstances should it be a federal law either for or against. It is not within the federal government’s power to make such a law. The states retain that right IAW the 9th and 10th Amendments. Even when the states pass STUPID laws that make life start before intercourse, it’s their right to let the idiots in the state vote on it. If you don’t like your state, you can move and still live in the U.S.

Again, just my two cents.

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Contraceptives by Brandon

Using contraceptives makes me pro-choice, eh? I guess I can see that. Don’t know if my new compadres will be happy to have me, though. :)

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RE: Contraceptives by Anonymous

Well … the Catholics consider contraceptives “wrong” and the morning after pill is certainly an after-the-fact stop gap as well.

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RE: Contraceptives by Occams

The official RC position is against effective methods of contraception, but that is certainly not the practice of the great majority of Catholics. Most of the Catholic faithful believe that the Vatican lost touch with the reality of family planning decades ago, probably because a celibate male hierarchy has surrendered its power to think rationally about matters involving sex.

I think it is a sign of a healthy church for members to make up their own minds about impractical dogma. Even the Vatican understands that if it tried to crack down on this then Catholicism would rapidly self destruct.

All church organizations are highly conservative because that is the nature of religion. Some people find it easy to be led in that direction but others do not. Those who can embrace change and think originally and rationally are more likely to survive in a changing world. Liberal thinkers are therefore the strrong but flexible mortar that holds a church together.

Church discipline tends to smash the liberal thinkers.

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