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Level of computer expertise?

Have written in assembly language
26 (34%)
Compiled a C program
10 (13%)
Created a script
11 (14%)
Used HTML to make a web page
10 (13%)
Know how to create program shortcuts
MS Office at work
Just email and the web
None, I voted for this option with my mind
9 (11%)
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ASM ... Booyah! by VnutZ

Nerd Points to whoever recongizes what this short little routine does.

msg db "OmniNerd Is Sweet", 0×00


mov ds, _DATA
mov si, msg
or al, al
jz .DONE
mov ah, 0×0E
mov bh, 0×00
mov bl, 0×07
int 0×10
jmp EntryPoint

See y’all are all focusing on the academics side of nerdiness…..I want some damn bonus points for having built my own computer specifically for the purpose of playing multiplayer online FPS games. None of that half-ass watered down console business either, I’m talking the real deal. Embrace your inner geek!

And man do I miss me some Quake 1, that game was fantastic. My low GPA from freshman and sophomore year at the WP can be partially attributed to Quake.

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Display issues by Rhodizzle

Adam broke the site, haha.

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