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Least Awful GOP Candidate?

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Anybody home? by Occams

This site has become too homogenious. We can’t even disagree about the least worst Republican…..

Where are the Trolls?

No comments for days……

At this point, the race between those three is pointless. Not a one of them stands a snowball’s chance of winning against Obama. Hell, at this point I’ll probably end up voting for Obama because he’s guaranteed only 4 more years. I can’t accept being stuck with one of them for a possible eight.

Oddly enough, Ron Paul (who could never win the Republican ticket unless these three all died in freak shaving accidents) did better against Obama than any of these guys. If I had to guess, I’d say he appeals better to the middle 60% of us.

middle 60 is based off of the rough (instantaneously rectally extracted) model

  • 5% insane right
  • 15% right
  • 60% middle (from moderate right to moderate left)
  • 15% left
  • 5% insane left

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