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OmniNerd should have more content about?

Computers & Technology
2 (11%)
Government & Politics
2 (11%)
Science & Research
5 (27%)
Health & Fitness
4 (22%)
Business & Finance
World News
2 (11%)
Other (please comment)
2 (11%)
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I like all the choices – that’s what the “Omni” in Omninerd represents (to me).

But — I like the “How To” types of Articles whatever the subject matter.

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Omni, indeed. by GreatWhiteDork

I like all of these subjects, but Nerds have such a diverse set of interests, that I’d hate to overly focus the site on any one particular area. I want to hear from people on what they are passionate about. If you are a finance whiz, I’d love to see something about the central banking system. Like games? Write about the rise and fall or possible rebirth of the physics co-processor.

So I have to choose “Other”, where Other=Everything and Anything.

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Why We're Asking by VnutZ

This poll has actually been sitting in the “poll queue” for almost two years … all this time we were wrestling over whether we should continue writing across a massively diverse topic range for the audience interested in all things (but suffer financially) or whether we should get very focused to attract a higher volume from a particular nerd lineage (and thus help the site survive with better targetted ads). Another consideration was that it’s a lot easier to pay a hired writer (hint hint) who specializes in one topic than to hire a jack-of-all-trades writer.

So in case anybody was wondering why we were asking … it’s not only about keeping the site interesting for everyone but also keeping it viable so it doesn’t go under!

Good points. Economic reality is absolute.

I’m probably not saying anything new, but I’d accept all ads and let us “nerd rank” them to see what ads are most interesting to us.

Also, there’s no reason you can’t hire a writer for, say, Technology posts, and still have the site be general. It just means that the Technology portion is (hopefully) better written and more thoroughly researched. It might also be a wake up for the rest of us to “see how it’s done” and try to emulate it in our areas of interest.

That’s why we’re thinking – if we’re going to pay, we may as well put the $$ where the interest is most heavily oriented!

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RE: Why We're Asking by Occams

I think it is a shame to have to pay someone. One of the nice things about Omninerd is its spontainety and the way it reflects the experience of a diverse group of people.

Posts do not have to be correct or factual. Disagreeing with each other is a major part of the fun.

It should be like acafemic peer review. Publish a theory, state your reasons and defend if you can.

I chose international news because it is so poorly covered in our media.

I would like the site to attract more participation from people living outside of the USA

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