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Harry Potter fascination?

Don't read children's books
16 (39%)
See the movies when they're on DVD
6 (14%)
Read the books eventually
8 (19%)
Read the books immediatley
6 (14%)
Wake up in the middle of the night looking for my wand to battle evil wizards
J. K. Rowling speaks to me through various characters
Write fan fiction
See every movie in full costume four times
Have a lightning tattoo on my forehead
Is that pornography?
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Burn the Witch! by EyeOfSage

Shouldn’t we, as good Christian, burn Harry for witchcraft?

It’s blasphemous!

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They're good, but... by scottb

The Potter books are good children’s books. I’ve read all but the last – I read way too much to buy fiction in hardback – and I’ve enjoyed them. But they’re pretty shallow, compared to Tolkien, or Burroughs or even Heinlein’s juvenile novels.

They’re fun stories, and it’s nice to see some printed words catching kids’ attention, but great literature? Nah.

The Potter books are kids books, but they’re incredibly popular among adults, too. Is there really so little curiosity over what all the fuss is about?

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