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Florida's Martin vs Zimmerman fiasco?

Trayvon Martin was just a sweet innocent teenager.
Trayvon Martin was just another thug.
4 (12%)
George Zimmerman is a profiling, gun happy rascist.
14 (42%)
George Zimmerman was acting to protect himself and the neighborhood.
12 (36%)
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Trigger Happy by Anonymous

Ironically, with today’s technology providing information so fast and media desire to be first over accurate, we are the one that are trigger happy with this case. Sure, there are some things that are odd about the case like the 911 call, but the spin the media plays out is horrible (like a picture of an 8 yr old Martin).

What’s sad is that the trial will most likely not be able to be fair due to high profile and emotions this case has.

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RE: Trigger Happy by Occams

How is that ironic?

The USA does not have tabloid newspapers as they are known in other English speaking countries. I don’t mean the paper format, but the highly competitive populist right wing, conservative, sensation seeking, rabid jopurnalism of the kind that Rupert Murdoch runs in the UK.

We would be lucky for that, except that this absence creates a driver for radio and television to move into that space. Indeed, it explains why Fox News is the way it is, and why it is so important to Murdoch for exercising the political power that he craves.

So now in the USA the eletronic media is on a race to the bottom, and beating up sordid little stories like this one is all part of the game. Creating outrage is good for ratings. Racist nerves are the most easily jangled. Other triggers are gun control, creationis, and abortion.

Still, an incident like this one would have barely made page three in a local newspaper a few years ago. I would like to think that the widespread outrage is a sign that America is maturing about racial equality. More likely, it is a tricky media racist way of reminding us that our President is a black man who will rob us if we drop our gard.

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Who knows? by Occams

Probably none of those options are accurate, but the journalists are having a field day because it is possible to make some dramatic stories around any combination of them.

We have all the cliches for a deep south racist drama.

  • a southern location
  • lazy biased cops
  • unmotivated thrill seeking youth
  • the victim’s ridiculous black name.
  • his hoodie
  • an archtypical white vigilante hero/villian
  • fearful residents
  • an empathetic black president
  • incompetent sensationalist media
  • a court room climax

Tragedy, pathos, revenge, injustice, social inequality? Its all there. Write your own drama, the truth is irrelevant.
Which actors would you cast in the main roles?

Mr. Zimmerman was protecting himself from that young thug who threatened to kill him. Trayvon Martin was a racist that hated innocent white people. Mr. Martin was the neighborhood watchman, doing his job, and was almost murdered by that young hoodlum! We must arm ourselves against people like Trayvon Martin, who feel they can take anything from us hard working tax payers. Mr. Zimmerman should receive public recognition for doing his civic duty as a neighborhood watchman. He is a hero!

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