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Breastfeeding your child?

Formula is better
Breastmilk for the first three months, then formula
Breastmilk only for the first 6 months
2 (12%)
Breastmilk ends after 9 months
Breastmilk ends after 12 months
5 (31%)
Breastmilk ends after 18 months
4 (25%)
Breastmilk is okay up to 2 years
Breastmilk is okay up to 3 years
Breastmilk is okay for as long as the child wants it
2 (12%)
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As the dad, I was pretty ready for the breastfeeding phase to end for a couple of reasons. The two I will cop to are:

  • child could start having a reason to bond with me, too (I could engage in some feeding activities… as my wife was completely against any bottle feeding).
  • Um, certain anatomical parts could go back to being utilized for less child-centric activites.

Of course breastmilk is okay as long as the child wants it. The issue is how long does the mother want to engage in that. The longer you go the better it is health wise for the mother and child, but you have to draw the line somewhere.

With that being said, I don’t like the idea of formula whatsoever. It’s the epitome of what’s wrong with food in this country.

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Up to the parent. by Anonymous

I breast fed and pumped because I worked full time. My son had only breast milk for 5 1/2 months after that it was food and breastmilk. My husband and child care provider fed him breast milk with a bottle. Most of the time he would not take a bottle from me once he figured out I was the source. My plan was to only breast feed for 12 months, however, my son got really sick and was hospitalize for a week just before his first birthday. During the worst of his illness he only would take breastmilk from me. I ended up weaning him at fourteen months.

It is completely up to the parents and there are many ways to provide breastmilk. I had a friend who pumped for twelve months because the kid preferred a bottle.

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