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Best zombie flick?

Night of the Living Dead (series)
14 (43%)
Shaun of the Dead
10 (31%)
Resident Evil (series)
Re-Animator (series)
Night of the Comet
Evil Dead (series)
4 (12%)
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… Shaun of the Dead rocks the zombie.

Let us not forget the honorable mentions of Zombie flicks:

  • Return of the Living Dead
  • Zombie (by Italian director Lucio Fulci)
  • 28 Days Later (not technically zombies)

I recommend Image Comics excellent Walking Dead series, available in Trade Paperback, and Marvel’s Marvel Zombies for some gruesome hilarity.

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What? by james.c.corbett

What exactly defines a "zombie" movie? Is lumbering required? At some point do the words "brains, Brains, BRAINS!!!!!" need to muttered? I agree with the superiority of both Night of the living Dead and Shaun of the Dead, but I am greatly disappointed in omission of 28 Days. Until it gets on list, I will be abstaining from the vote and beating Matt up when I see him.

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Zombie Science by Anonymous

I think to classify as a zombie said creature must have at some point been dead and then reanimated. The people in 28 days were affected by some virus, but didn’t die, hence no zombies. You may say it’s an artificial distincition, but it really isn’t. If we want to stay scientific about this poll, we need to make sure only legitimate zombie movies are included. 28 days may be a great film, but it’s not about zombies. Period. Don’t get lazy Omninerds. Not now. Not yet.

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RE: Zombie Science by scottb

The people in 28 days were affected by some virus, but didn’t die, hence no zombies.

Yep. I originally submitted the poll, and that’s exactly why 28 Days wasn’t on it. The Resident Evil series is also a ‘viral infection’ motif, but the virus kills then reanimates the victims.

The Zombie Survival Guide is pretty clear on the fact that all zombies are created through viral infection, but indicates that victims succumb to paralysis, coma, and brain death several hours before reanimation.

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RE: What? by VnutZ

Oh yeah? Well you play baseball like a girl!

Hey guys (gals), does anybody know anything about this flick?


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