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VnutZ 2 days ago Newspaper
Feel The Johnson, posted 3 days ago
GreatWhiteDork 2 days ago Newspaper
Gifts from Friends and Strangers, posted over 3 years ago
Occams 3 days ago Cup
Eris 15 days ago Newspaper
Gravitational Wave Detected, posted 5 months ago
skeptic_ninja about 1 month ago Newspaper
Equation Group ... Wow, posted over 1 year ago
thumbs52 about 1 month ago
Bortnyk about 1 month ago Newspaper
The Solution is More Guns of Course, posted almost 9 years ago
robbartn about 1 month ago
smcbride 2 months ago Question
Common sense, posted almost 6 years ago
gnifyus 3 months ago Newspaper
gary.s.s. 4 months ago
scottb 4 months ago Page_white_text
Science - Not So Sloppy, posted almost 9 years ago
Jackson 5 months ago Newspaper
Oracle, Google and the Future of Programming, posted about 4 years ago
Brandon 7 months ago Page_white_text
Bottom-Up Tax Model, posted over 3 years ago
twabulldogg 7 months ago Page_white_text
US Admits to Cyber Attack Against Iran, posted about 4 years ago
iluvchiken 7 months ago Newspaper
Powerball 'Strategies' Refuted by Experts , posted over 3 years ago
cgator41 11 months ago
Samson 11 months ago
shaomiaoshelley 12 months ago
markmcb about 1 year ago Question
Why don't you vote on OmniNerd?, posted over 3 years ago
shoeheadbaby about 1 year ago
LordDilly about 1 year ago Question
Science Nerds, Assemble!, posted over 1 year ago
InezSnyder about 1 year ago
mcljackson4 about 1 year ago
alexclearman about 1 year ago
SallySallu about 1 year ago
AlbertBarkley about 1 year ago
LHCSafetyReview over 1 year ago
TONY over 1 year ago
agnas over 1 year ago
maodeshou over 1 year ago Newspaper
Partisan Politics Makes You Dumber, posted almost 10 years ago
NastyPrincess over 1 year ago Cup
General Motors Quality Failure, posted almost 3 years ago
TobyS over 1 year ago
shereekrider over 1 year ago
OldButNotWise about 2 years ago
Dee_OG about 2 years ago
jandaman about 2 years ago Cup
GMail is GFailing Me, posted about 8 years ago
adam0tyler0 over 2 years ago
Marlet221 over 2 years ago
liquide12 over 2 years ago
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