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25 Jan 07

Linux Adaptation Outside of the Tech Fields

I wanted to pose this question on an intellectual forum not solely devoted to technology to see the various responses from the tech geek and non-tech geek alike.

Have you ever considered switching to Linux? Have you switched? If not, what is holding you back?

I also would like to know what are perceived as the true advantages (adaptation, low/zero cost, free software, etc) verses the disadvantages (compatibility, lack of familiarity, lack of warranty, etc)of Linux/OS of choice.

Although this debate is old among IT geeks, it seems it is becoming fairly more common, even to the extent of the BBC calling people to discuss their views on their Operating System of choice. Unfortunately, this seemed to still illicit responses from zealots who were more than willing to continue the typical flame war in a more public venue. I hope to hear see more sensible debate from a more sensible crowd.

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