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15 Sep 13

General Motors Quality Failure

So I’ve never really been a fan of American made cars, the companies have been building an inferior product to Japanese and European models for decades now. But presently, I’m saddled with a 2008 Chevrolet Equinox. And at exactly 100,000 miles, it’s started having all sorts of problems (stuck sunroof, broken power locks, P0455 that won’t vanish with new parts, etc. etc.)

Its the most recent problem that really sealed the deal on absolute crap quality from Detroit. While driving, the radio system just started shutting things down … speakers and then the whole radio, followed by turn signals. And then after turning off the vehicle, it wouldn’t start. Went through the usual routine of attempting to jump the vehicle with a portable jump battery followed by another vehicle to no avail. Huh, maybe it wasn’t a dead battery but a bad alternator? A digital multimeter confirmed the Equinox’s battery was fine and held plenty of charge.

23 May 10

Unfair Unemployment Practices

I find it unfair that I am unable to collect unemployment while I pursue a new job. The situation is simple, I was a full time employee for two years and seven months as an Activities Coordinator for senior citizens at a county based facility. For that entire period, I put my heart and soul into the work to make sure the elderly were kept in good spirits and actively engaged both mentally and physically. I paid my taxes back into the system. My job even consisted of gainfully utilizing people on benefits from the state – ranging from food stamps, unemployment, etc. There were good people getting back on their feet through those programs, but there were plenty of low-lifes simply mooching perpetually off the system that amounted to nothing and will continue to amount to nothing.

11 Aug 06

Abu Ghraib - Hero or Traitor

The Abu Ghraib prisoner abuse scandal marred the military’s public image for operations in Iraq. After the shock of the incident wore off, proceedings began to identify who was ultimately responsible for the atrocious behavior. But the struggle did not end with the convictions and discharges of the offending soldiers or the revamped operations procedures in theater. The nightmare continues for Joe Darby, the soldier who spun the Army on its head by slipping a CDROM with digital photos under a door anonymously to CID (Criminal Investigations Division). "I had the choice between what I knew was morally right and my loyalty to other soldiers. I couldn’t have it both ways," the young military policeman said. In Defense Secretrary Rumsfeld’s testimony, he named Joe Darby as the source, a moment that changed everything for the soldier. He faces public scorn, from both fellow soldiers and members of his own family. "They look at the fact that I put an Iraqi before an American."

05 Aug 06

Government Control

Americans have moved into both Iraq and Afghanistan with not only the intention of fighting terrorism, but also to tout Democracy. It seems that while Saddam Hussein and the Taliban had unhealthy totalitarian holds on their people, they were also holding together many of their citizen’s more explosive qualities at the same time. In the absence of rule-by-fear, Iraq is slipping into civil war and the drug trade is fueling a resurging Taliban within Afghanistan.

In Iraq, the Shiites were suppressed under Hussein’s Sunni regime. Now, as the majority, Shiites press the government forward while the Sunnis fight to regain political power. According to ABCNews, ‘The rivalry between Shiites and Sunnis has now turned into an almost daily cycle of sectarian clashes, bombings, assassinations and mortar attacks on each other’s neighborhoods.’ The outgoing British ambassador says, ‘the country is sliding toward civil war and is likely to divide eventually along ethnic lines.’

27 Jul 06

Is it time to be paranoid?

Ayman al-Zawahri, the number two leader of Al-Qaida, issued a worldwide call for all Muslims and downtrodden individuals to fight the ‘jihad (holy war) for the sake of God [that] will last until (our) religion prevails … from Spain to Iraq.’ Through an Al-Jazeera broadcast, he further proclaims ‘all the world is a battlefield open in front of us.’ The concern is not necessarily that uneducated, untrained and impoverished individuals will answer the call. Rather, studies show most terrorists (90%) come from caring, intact families and most have college educations and promising, professional careers. If this pool rallies to the call, the jihad can make use of intelligent and affluent resources.

19 May 06

Religious Pieces of Flair

Jews may once again be required to wear identifying badges if Ali Khamenehi approves a new Iranian bill. Already passed in the Iranian parliament, the bill essentially states that non-Muslims will be required to adhere to an Iranian dress code that includes religious badges to distinguish faiths. Given that the country’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad denies the holocaust ever happened, this law may not be a distant reality. Such action will likely further isolate the Middle Eastern country against the influences of the West.

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