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08 Dec 09

Let's Dispel The "Science Is Settled" Myth.

The prevailing attitude amongst the AGW disciples is that there is no serious dissent amongst scientists regarding the AGW theory.

One claim is that there are no “peer reviewed” papers. Ignoring for the moment that the “Peer Review” process is horribly gamed and tainted, I am here to completely decimate the claim that there are no “Peer Reviewed” papers that dispute or disprove the AGW theory.

450 Peer Reviewed Papers That Support AGW Skepticism

Now, let’s move on to the bogus claim that “All Scientists Are On Board With The AGW Theory”..

07 Dec 09

This Is What Happens When People Claim That Science Is "SETTLED"..


That’s what happens when people jump on the END OF THE WORLD bandwagon.

They end up with egg on their faces…


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