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07 Jan 10

Top 6 Tech innovations of 2009

6 – Google Wave

Google Wave may very well have been one of the greatest developments of the decade! In spite of the challenges that Google faces with marketing it as a viable network solution; and its potential to be integrated with Google’s Chrome OS. Google has created a solution that has essentially integrated everything we love about the net, email, chat, social media, and widgets into a system that not only connects the user with all sorts of information but also with other users, and it does it seamlessly and cross-platform. Google is putting themselves in an excellent position to become a choice medium on devises such as the much anticipated Apple Tablet . Look for this product to explode onto the market once all features are integrated and released.

19 May 08

Nuclear War: Inevitable

I just listened to a sound bite of a KGO correspondent in a discussion with Ted Sorenson, President John F. Kennedy’s Special Counsel & Adviser when he was in the White House. A lot of disturbing facts were brought up centering on how curiously close we’ve come to nuclear war in the past. This includes the Cuban missile Crisis, and the conflict with th Soviet Union.

There was one circumstance Mr. Sorenson mentioned where a Soviet submarine equipped with a "nuclear missile" (which at the time had been unheard of) was underneath a fleet of US carriers. The entire Soviet crew was in agreement the sub should strike with the missile, and eventually convinced the captain. The only thing that kept them from acting was a command from a Soviet politician who happened to be on the sub. He insisted on getting clearance, which, at the time, was an impossibility because they were submerged.

01 May 08

How Much Control Do We Really Have

During times of war or extreme stress can we be held liable for our actions? According to a new article from the Cornell International Law Journal there are fundamental differences in how the conscious and sub-conscious processes information. Our conscious mind is influenced by such factors as morality, emotion, and accountability … while our sub-conscious seems to rely on training, motive, and pure spontaneity. The real question is – is the total sum of who we are contained in our physical brains? Also, how much influence does the world around us have on the decisions we make?

29 Apr 08

Reiser Found Guilty

I remember going through countless setups of the newest flavors of Linux during the blossoming stage of the open-source OS about 8 years ago. Among the many options for bleeding-edge file systems was the ReiserFS – known (at that time) for being just as unstable as it was revolutionary. As the years progressed I began to fall in love with it – its speed, its compatibility with other file systems, and its general bleeding-edge-cool factor. Many of these features are personified in Hans Reiser, the brains behind the ReiserFS. Unfortunately, over the past year or so, he’s been in litigation behind the disappearance of his wife, and within the last hour the verdict was released: Reiser is guilty.

11 Feb 08

What Is A Cult?

I’ve always been critical of labels of any kind, (things like "Fundamentalist" , "Religiosity", "Liberal", etc.) where did we get the idea of a "cult" and who makes the rules for the label? What kind of relationship with a religion (or system of belief) is a "healthy" one? I think we all have the responsibility to challenge of any categorizations that we have in our minds, in doing so we give ourselves the opportunity to better define ourselves. What are some other thoughts on this?

23 Jan 08

Software For Sale

Is software for sale not the worst idea ever? Whatever happened to the ideals of software’s forerunners like the pioneers of the Unix OS (Ken Thompson, Dennis Ritchie, etc.)? These programmers oftentimes worked for different companies and on different projects but shared resources and utilities for the furtherance of the science — until, of course, the secularization of the industry by capitalists. Thank goodness for the GNU public license, the forerunner of open source. Imagine a world where software developers all worked directly for hardware manufacturers … or does that just make too much sense? We’re living in a world that is dominated by mediocre software that’s completely nonexclusive to the hardware. Software development is a science and (just like the cure for cancer) it should be freely distributed to everyone!

10 Jan 08

Church and State

Can there ever be a time when government is completely uninfluenced by religion? Here is an interesting article on our friend Bush

11 Dec 07

Science and Spirit

If science saves us from religion gone bad, who or what will save us from science gone bad? Here is a great article in the Jewish news

07 Dec 07

Bacn the new spam

07 Dec 07

Wikipedia is "The Man"

Do the problems that are created with Wikipedia outweigh the problems that it solves? There have been a controlling group that has evolved among the wiki-editors much like most open-source projects…but is Wikipedia’s praise premature…who’s history should be qualified as absolute…the most well documented, or the most true? Historically, its always been the people with the biggest pocket-books that get the history set in stone…(ie. l’Hospital’s rule, he didn’t discover it just had the biggest pocket book, History of American Civil Rights, The Jewish Holocaust, The Biafran War…) is it now the people with the most computer knowledge? Will Wikipedia ever be considered concrete fact?

06 Dec 07

Is knowledge really that important

I’ve been thinking about the nature of knowledge. Is knowledge overrated? Obviously it has its perks, you can explain stuff, and make stuff work, and it even feels really good to be smart…or at least smarter then your peers…but is it all that much better then, say…accumulating wealth? I mean man-kind has survived thousands of years with very little knowledge of how things have worked and they got along just fine…my question is not whether knowledge is important (because it is.) but, whether or not it is any more important then anything else? Where is the place that we feel knowledge will take us? Will it make us more happy? It seems to me that it causes exactly as many problems as it has created solutions…funny, I can make the exact same arguments about money…what are your thoughts?

04 Dec 07

Customer Service vs. Life

I just sat through a surprisingly inspiring seminar on Customer Service. It forced me to do an overwhelming amount of introspection which can always make you feel uncomfortable. The speaker went beyond, "The customer is always right" and began to explore more about the reason we are the way we are. The epiphany I arrived at is that Customer Service is pertinent in every aspect of your life. People in general have a terrible habit called "mirroring", or duplicating the responses of others. This process perpetuates poor Customer Service. Have you ever walked down the street and not said "Hello" someone you’ve made eye contact with in passing? Or gone 10 floors on an elevator with a stranger and not said a word? Why do people react the way they do on the road? There are so many opportunities to add to ourselves and others in positive ways that people simply aren’t taking advantage of. Why don’t we use more effective ways of managing the stress we have? I believe the average person knows many, if not all the concepts that the motivational speaker I heard conveyed. (Which is why I believe people are so skeptical of them; they feel like, "Yeah I coulda figured that out" We know that we shouldn’t try to solve stressful issues when we’re angry; or manage our days with more prudence so that we aren’t playing "catch up". We know that our spouse or significant other can’t read our minds and therefore isn’t always entirely to blame. We know that customers AREN"T always right but should not be given the ability to make us FEEL a certain way. A customer (person) should not make you sway from what you have been taught to be the correct way to speak to someone or handle a problem, they should learn from your example. I’ve been trying to come up with a good reason why I change under stressful situations and I’ve concluded that there is no excuse. What are some other thoughts on this topic?

29 Nov 07

Is Cigarette Smoking assault?

Whats worse someone blowing smoke in your face or a kick in the pants? Are we justified in punching a person who knowingly damages the quality of "our" air?

29 Nov 07

What do we do with all of this information?

Have any of you become completely overwhelmed by the amount of information that is so readily available to us? What are some fresh ideas for channeling this info…I was thinking about AI and my mind went on a tangent of endless possibilities…

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