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2007 P2P Lending Review →prosperlending.blogspot.com

The p2p lending marketplace has changed significantly in 2007. Lending Club and Zopa are now challenging Prosper. GlobeFunder and Loanio are poised to launch in early 2008. This article is a wrap-up of the most significant market events in 2007 as well

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This link is a bit of shameless self promotion. I’ve kept up Prosper Lending Review since writing an article about Prosper for OmniNerd back in June. This is a review of all the p2p lending happenings of 2007. In addition, here are our top lending tips from the blog:

How does Prosper compare to other investments?
Prosper: A hands-on education in risk management
Why would a borrower use Prosper instead of a bank?
Borrowing money to lend on Prosper: Wise or Foolish?
Most Prosper lenders do not diversify
Are all Prosper loans within a credit grade created equal?
An analysis of pre-payment risk on Prosper loans
Are non-homeowners a safer lending risk in a declining house market?
Credit Scores on Prosper – Part 1 of 2
When to bid on Prosper loans

If anyone is going to invest money in the p2p lending market I recommend reading as much as possible just like you would if you are going to invest in the stock market or anything else. This is a good place to start.

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