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RE: The Ouija and me

The “ideomotor effect” is, in its largest part, pure bullshit, and its proponents, morons who haven’t got near to a Ouija board in their entire life, but still pretend to know better than you how it works. Bunch of retards who call themselves “skeptics”…

No!. Skeptics are intelligent modern people who have developed at least some critical thinking skills. I have never been near an Oujia board in my entire life, but I still know that they are bullshit because I have some idea of scientific method, and an ability to consider the consequences. Even if I saw one apparently working I would not believe in a supernatural cause, I would look for the trickery involved.

Think about it. If there were a spirit world and it was that easy to communicate with it, what would be the implications. For example: how would it be used by the advertising industry; what would be the implications for religion? The absence of any such effects is a very good indication that Ouija boards do not work. Then think about the general ignorance and superstition of the people who invented and used these things.

With the availability of education and the research tools available to us all now, there is absolutely no excuse for modern people who think that such a thing could work.

You don’t even need to be a skeptic to reach this conclusion. Even you reached it eventually, but you messed up that achievement with a stupid statement about skeptics.

If you think differently on this then I suggest that you should have some medical checks to find out whether you are in the class of people that you denigrate with primary school level labels.

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