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This is getting boring, but I did not invent the term LDS Discipline: an it is not an entity in itself but the way that Mormons control their flock. It is an integral and very formal part of the church you attend. It is not hilarious: it is simply pathetic in a modern religious institution. All the old churches had it at some time in the past. Catholics, protestants and puritans- burn the heretics. The LDS are mild by comparison, but it is still a quaint anacronism, and apparently so curious that you cannot believe it. Google is your friend.

My thesis is that it is a hangover from the early days of the LDS when it was strongly influenced by Masonic ritual, and that was because Joseph Smith was a Mason. Masonism was very strong in the 19th century, pervading business, politics and the judicial system so much that there were claims that ex masons had been murdered for revealing all, and the killers could not be prosecuted. The concept of secret ritual with severe penalties for those who betray the secrets is very Masonic. So when JS started his own cult he introduced some of that Masonic cultic behaviour. Perhaps I am wrong about this, but it looks that way to a casual observer.

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