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In your Googling, don’t overlook the very recent and subtitled German movie (English title: Till Faith Do Us Part, available on YouTube). It provides a good look at what Scientology is. The abuses by this organization are heartrending. The fundamental problem is that Scientology, which began as a pseudo-science and very specifically NOT a religion, managed to sue the IRS into submission (literally thousands of lawsuits) and get a religious tax exemption. It is essentially a tax-exempt mafia. There is a lot of information out there about this group—take the time to read up on it. Whatever you may think of Mormons, they are nowhere near in the same league. Scientology isn’t just wacky South Park fodder—it is pure evil. And like the article’s author, I don’t make statements like that lightly. This organization—not religion—must be wiped out of existence.

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