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Sorry about confusing you with Dilly. You are like congruent triangles: different size, but with exactly the same angles.

I thought yours was a thoughtful and interesting post, and your opinions are quite valid even without justification because you started a thread about the gloomy thinking of the far right, and not about every subject that they feel strongly about. Those subjects have been debated here many times and I saw no point in starting them all up again in this thread because it is really about something else: the conservative mind-set and its reaction to the election- which is an interesting new subject.
>So I hope conservatives take heart at the points made. For everyone else, if you like it or find it "a fascinating window into my closed-mindedness and ignorance," that’s great, but I didn’t write it for you. Moreover, I don’t care what you think.

I do care what you think because views like that are not only demoralising and unnecessary, they are a dead weight which the rest of us have to carry. I don’t take it personally. I used to think like you myself, when I was in my twenties.
When we are young the things we learn from our parents, schools, and the military tend to dominate out thinking, but if that puts us at one end of the political spectrum then life experience tends to help us see that that is an unstable position and we swing towards the centre.
There are a lot of whacko views in the centre as well as right and left (the DEMS are not really on the left but the real left has nowhere else to go) so shit happens in election campaigns and that will never change.
You could start on the path to growth by opening your mind a little and trying to understand why so many Americans and foreigners think differently from you about so many things. They really aren’t all left wing radical left red bastards you know.

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