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Android Devices Fail More


The battle between iPhones, Blackberries and Androids continues. Apparently, the Android platform has a higher failure rate and runs carriers nearly $2 billion in repair costs. Unlike the competition whose platform is tightly controlled by their respective manufacturers, the Android is deployed by more than 25 OEMs each attempting to win the market. This, of course, leads OEMs to skimp on the product in order to undercut competing Androids in price and first-to-market features which tends to result in shoddier quality control.

To further hammer nails into Android, the new Siri feature found in the iPhone 4S is being hailed as an Android killer. Some estimate the application puts Google at a two year disadvantage behind Apple. Of course, it hasn’t taken long for the open source community to fire back with Zypr which also provides conversation driven questions and answers.

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