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RE: Disappearing Options

No, this started because you dared me to put questions about his faith to an LDS President of the USA.

In doing so, I played the part of the media – which is not in the least interested in what you consider to be the truth about your church, but is very interested in the crazy aspects. I have maintained that role.

Missionaries present people with a choice: learn more or not.

No, it is not that simple. The choice is not as clear as that to them. Thes people have special needs, and they want to learn about all the good things that the developed world can bring them. The early missionaries were carrying the credibility and authority of the developed world to unsophisticated people still living in the iron age. They had a social responsibility to respect and preserve the unique cultures that they encountered.

Sure, they often did good work in health and education, and the 19th century missionaries in the South Pacific took great personals risks and endured much hardship to achieve what they did. Even so, missionaries are responsible for untold destruction of the cultures of indigenous peoples all over the world. It is perhaps most recent, noticeable, and regrettable in the South Pacific.

I imagine that your don’t care attitude was typical of LDS missionaries.

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