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What Image Editor Do You Use?



Adobe Photoshop, the capital flagship software of image editing, turns twenty years old this month. Over the past two decades, the program has risen to the top of the field with it’s numerous features allowing photographers to do just about anything to an image. It’s drawback is a steep learning curve and focus on delivering tools and features as opposed to an intuitive workflow for novices, which has lead to “light” versions of the product like Photoshop Elements. On the other hand, there is the freeware product known as the Gimp which has been around since roughly 1996. It’s a tool that offers almost everything found in Photoshop which despite it’s $0 pricetag has kept it from gaining significant ground against it’s $400 rival. The want of professional for certain features notwithstanding, the Gimp also gets blamed for having an awful interface of spawned windows strewn about the screen, which allegedly will be replaced with a new UI in the next rendition. What do you use for your photo editing?

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