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iPhone App Store Woes

The iPhone continues to dominate the mobile handset cool scene, but its competitors may be getting a leg up from Apple’s own app store politics. It’s long been a complaint by developers that despite surprising amounts of money that can be made from a simple app, getting an iPhone app approved for listing within the app store was a pain. But now the rejections are moving beyond what may be considered “normal” development shops and striking into the likes of development teams from Google such as the recent rejection of the Google Voice app. The rationale is that such functionality is already provided by the phone and not necessary in application format. It’s been confirmed that this particular app owes its demise to AT&T which is likely the cause of many other fine applications being killed from the app store. Meanwhile, blackberries, treos and android type phones are free to use such applications. In the end, only the consumer is screwed and AT&T is simply driving nails into its subscriber base for the eventual deluge of defectors once Apple is no longer tied to the carrier.

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