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American Power Grid Allegedly Compromised

The Internet is such a fragile creation and yet it is the mechanism by which so many stalwart entities of our modern infrastructure have been rendered equally fragile. Despite the passage of more than a decade since L0pht testified before congress that the entire Internet could be crippled in 30 minutes, the Internet has continued to become entwined into the heart of our civilization with seemingly no real improvement on security. Every time security seems to improve, the vulnerabilities and exploits to thwart them continue to materialize. The latest revelation of the infrastructure’s weakness is a report indicating the electrical grid has been completely compromised by coordinated attacks originating from China and Russia. It was the intelligence agencies monitoring network activity that actually detected the intrusions, not the IT from the targets themselves. Reports indicate that while some intrusions were stopped, cooperating targets in the investigation discovered their systems were littered with possible sleeper code for later use as backdoors or a form of logic bomb. While it is currently unclear how or when the intrusions will be activated, the path is already set and cleanup will involve more than what they were able to discover “easily.”

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