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Steroids vs Drugs

Why has our American political agenda put so much time in trying to limit steroid use in professional sports and so little time (from the political agenda perspective) on everyday drug use in America?

To me the Drug War is a far greater war, and that is after playing baseball through college. Do I feel "snubbed" in that players at all levels above high school enhanced their ability? Sure I do. Would it have made a difference in my ability to "go pro" or anyone else’s ability to do the same? Probably not.

Has anyone listened to the proceedings on ESPN or C-SPAN? I tell you, it is so snooty, haughty and full of "ass-kissing" by Congressmen and women. And then to hear some female Democrat from California not only slander Barry Bonds but also Britney Spears by comparing the two. First, if that isn’t apples to oranges, I don’t know what is, and second, for a Congressman or woman to refer negatively about an individual, in the public domain during a hearing, is downright evil. Granted, I’m not a fan of either of the celebs’ antics, but I don’t think the comment was appropriate regardless.

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