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I dumped windows 3 years ago...

After spending years (12) working in IT primarily doing Windows server and desktop support, I decided to try Linux at home. At first I dual-booted to Windows 2000, but soon gave that up and now run strictly Linux. This works for me mainly because I am not much of a gamer. I am interested in the technology, and found that running Linux at home reinvigorated my depeleted passion for computing. Spending years supporting Windows products can do that to a guy.

I suppose for me it was easier to embrace Linux because I did not start out as a Microsoft fanboy in the first place. I have spent so much time with MS products by necessity, being an IT worker and all. But my beginnings with computers started back in ’82 with the Commodore 64, and my passion was the Amiga, not the Mac (which I also used) or, especially, the ever-lame IBM PCs. It was not until the 90s that PCs really became interesting at all.

I prefer open file formats, but thankfully have the ability to use MP3 files (which are so prolific). DVD John is a hero of mine. I use the win32codecs to play those damnable WMA and other proprietary formats, though I would rather not have to. The people who think they should get money from me for them are, IMHO, vultures feeding off the ignorance of the masses. An enlightened populace would shun them, but – sadly, Microsoft’s OS ubiquity makes so many associated proprietary formats def-facto. Given a choice, you can guess I would always choose a free (libre) format. And I don’t know whether to be grateful to folks such as Adobe for finally releasing Flash 9 or resentful that they only release a 32-bit version. I have an AMD64 processor that is underutilized so that I can view web media. If there weren’t so much FLASH on the web I would just scrap it all together. But it is, like so many proprietary audio formats, all too ubuquitous. (Warm thoughts and karma to the free flash substitute programmers, though they have so much catch-up yet to do).

ATI (now AMD) is another thorn in my libre side. Even with my technical background, I still find it difficult to maintain 3D accelleration on my Radeon 9800 while managing multi-head operation. You would think a video card being dated as it is would have been opened up by now, but sadly it is not.

Even with my gripes, I thoroughly enjoy running Linux at home and find that there is very little if anything that I truly miss from Windowsland.


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