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fear not sensitivity and a return to barbarism

If this was indeed not a staged event, then it was certainly not an example of religious sensitivity, but fear. The destructive Muslim protests over the cartoon images of Mohammed have effectively cowed the ‘artistic’ community into submission. In effect, the message is loud and clear – violence gets results. All the while, the South Park staff impudently assails the figure of Jesus Christ here in the holiest week of the Christian calendar, despite the fact that a sizable portion of America believe Him to be none other than God Himself. Yet that is easily overlooked because Christians will not riot nor will they kill anyone over the show. But Muslims across an ocean throw fits and the entire world takes cover, despite the fact that most Americans believe him to be nothing more than an imaginative desert raider of bygone years.

So what am I too learn from this little episode? It seems that American has developed an unhealthy hatred for its own traditions, beliefs and values. Furthermore, Comedy Central has taught me that violence and unrestrained agitation are the only means to affect tangible ends and that this particular media outlet believes in its right of free speech insofar as it will not cause too much tumult. Apparently I should learn that civility goes unrewarded, but violent force yields everything. Observe as we sink back into barbarism.

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I am a huge Southpark fan and I have watched each episode several times. The two part ‘Cartoon Wars’ episode was an excellent depiction a very serious issue: fear. If the threat of violence causes Americans and the rest of the world to alter their way of life or their normal activities then the terrorists are winning.

Episode 503, Super Best Friends, included "the Muslim prophet, Mohammed, with the powers of fire." Why was there no uproar following that episode? They clearly poked fun at the prophet, and every other religious figurehead, in that episode.

Because of Parker and Stone’s belief that you should be allowed to make fun of everything (which they stated repeatedly in part II of Cartoon Wars), I have a difficult time believing this is a staged event. Southpark continually takes on difficult social issues and completely ridicules them.

Regardless of whether it was a staged censorship or not, they accurately captured the situation in the world.

Apparently I should learn that civility goes unrewarded, but violent force yields everything. Observe as we sink back into barbarism.

How do you effectively deal with random violence without using force yourself, or is force the only action that will get results?

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