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I am not aware of any Mormons who have held similar positions of power who could be used as models to test any hypothesis.

the man who becomes POTUS is given enormous power and should be questioned about any beliefs that could lead to bad decisions.

What is incorrect about that sentiment. Judgement of personal characterister is quite normal in the assessment of an individual’s fitness for high office. Essentially, it is a risk mitigation strategy that also applies formally in the Senate to all of the President’s appointments.

He lost me when he said that he would “repeal what he considers the bad aspects of the Affordable Health Care Act”http://www.forbes.com/sites/aroy/2011/12/19/is-mitt-romney-committed-to-repealing-obamacare-part-deux/. I understand that he did support similar legislation as Governor, but that makes it worse. I think it is appalling that he would put his principles aside in the interests of shoring up support from GOP conservatives. Would he stand up to those like Marco Rubio who want to scrap it all? If you don’t like these principles I can get new ones (Groucho) Marx. Is that consistent with the core principles of the Mormons on helping the needy?

In his own words:
America has just witnessed an unconscionable abuse of power. President Obama has betrayed his oath to the nation — rather than bringing us together, ushering in a new kind of politics, and rising above raw partisanship, he has succumbed to the lowest denominator of incumbent power: justifying the means by extolling the ends. He promised better; we deserved better.
What utter tea bagger bullshit! President Obama made a valiant effort to protect ordinary folks from being destroyed by health costs. At best, Romney is too rich, and too far right, to understand.

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There are lots of Mormons in high political office. All it takes is a quick search, Occams.

What is incorrect about that sentiment.

I explained in the previous post.

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