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Dorkish Humor

I tend to go for the absurd humor. Especially if it’s dry. I spend most of my day attempting to be smart and knowledgeable in a fairly high stakes environment, so I go the opposite way for a break.

My sense of humor has most certainly changed over the years. About ten years ago, I thought the “Meet the Parents” movies were HILARIOUS! I saw them last month, and they just made me uncomfortable and slightly sad.

Humor, like anything that requires work and dedication, is a very much declining skill. How many comics now-days rely on poop jokes and swearing?

Ethinc Humor: I really like Carlos Mencia. He lampoons all races equally viciouslly.

We should not give just anyone praise. That “Everyone gets a trophy” mentality is killing us as a country. About 2002, I happend past a new employees cube while a manager was giving critical feedback. The employee, a product of our “Everyone is Special” school system, was blubbering. I don’t mean weeping. I mean loud “Boo-hoo” blubbering like a broken hearted school girl. Failure should be met with honesty. Period.

Don’t really have a favorite joke.

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RE: Dorkish Humor by Occams

I forgot to give the link to the German Joke

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