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RE: Mesh

Mesh doesn’t really help unless everyone has access to its infrastructure. Let’s look at some case examples:

  • Local Mesh : Okay … it is true they can communicate with one another without touching the monitoring system. But they’re more than likely close enough in proximity they may as well meet in person.
  • Remote Mesh : In order to effectively have a carrier such that remote terminals can mesh in means that direction finding equipment will locate the transmitter and shut the mesh down. Not effective.
  • Mesh to Internet : Many people keep thinking pirate networks are the key to it all … if the government has effectively shut down the Internet (think Middle Eastern countries), you can mesh all you want but you’re only going to see internal material unless somebody has an uplink somehow (satellite, etc).

As to the last point, that’s why the US is attempting to field Internet in a Suitcase solutions to help seed rebellions in countries like that.

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