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RE: Britain WON!! Not

Americans talk about winning a war they didnt win anything they werent there!! Their so called war of independence was an uprising by british and other settlers. There was no america and no americans! Except the natives who fought against the settlers because they didnt want to be exterminated and they were right to. When the crown forces left the settlers broke all the agreements and eventually killed millions of native americans.

As for the reasons behind the uprising the so called “no taxation without representation” is utter nonsense. The settlers wanted more land and the crown already had agreements with the natives to take no more land a fact the settlers resented.

So when they were asked for more money to pay for the soldiers and ships that protected them they came out in revolt.

America was founded on one golden principle, greed. Something it has stuck to ever since. Doesnt sound as attractive as liberty & freedom does it

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RE: Britain WON!! Not by Occams

That is a gross simplification of the complex factors causing the war of independence and the result.

Certainly the American colonies came to resent the high taxation that Britain had to apply after decades of expensive wars with France – that were at least partially about protecting the colonies. A spirit of Free Enterprise and Greed drove colonies that were dominated by powerful merchants and some very fine inderpendent men in public positions.

The Native people of America were screwed from all sides: British; colonists; and French. However they had very little to do with the War of Independence, and they were worse off after it was over.

As to the result, I think the following questions are most relevant.

1. Was the final battle, the seige of Yorktown the decisive contest of the war after which the British felt that it had to stop?

2. Could the Continental forces (American Colonies) have won that battle without French assistance?

I believe that the answers to these questions are glaringly obvious 1. Yes; and 2, No.

Yorktown was primarily a seige, meaning an artillery battle and a Naval blockade. The essential forces that enabled this victory were French. American colonists fought bravely in some of the perhiperal skirmishes in the redoubts and gun emplacements, but that was about all.

The legendary (folklore) tough colonial militia sharp shooter was not involved in this battle.
If you read British PM Lord North’s speech to Parliament about the necessity to cut the cost of this war you will see that the humiliation of the loss of the battle of Yorktown was the crucial factor in ending it.

So the (totally unacceptable) fact is that the USA owes its freedom to France. No doubt the Brits thought they waould take over the colonies, and that would be a fair punishment for traitorous Americans, but that did not happen. Vive la France!

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