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RE: Huh?

So why is NATO not doing the same thing in those places.

Because there is nothing to gain from those countries – they don’t have anything NATO countries want. Libya was NOT about protecting the people. It was about the European need for oil supply security. If the actions were about the people, those other countries would have come first (and at least be addressed now).

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RE: Huh? by Occams

Why do you keep insisting that Europe relies on Lybian oil?
Oil is just oil. Any supplier will sell crude to Europe for the same price. I think the USA is embarrassed that Europe was prepared to do more to help the Lybians than it was.

I do not underrate the desire of the Europeans to ensure that Gadaffi’s reign was ended. I think they saw that revolution as being viable given his weakening hold on the country. That is not the case in Syria where the dictator is much stronger because the Army cronies understand that their fortunes rely on supporting the regime. Also, American and European appreciation of their financial fragility has grown in the meantime.

There was certainly great pressure on European governments from people who did want to help the Lybian people throw off their dictator. There is still some integrity in the world.

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