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Non stick? too true

In my experience, the trouble with non-stick surfaces is that they don’t stick – to the pan that is – for long.

They work fine the first couple of times you use them and then they seem to lose their non stick super power: “just rinse deposits off in warm water” my fat ass! – like shit to a blanket. “Must not touch the surface with metal” Get real.

I think their supposed slippery properties are an invention of the marketing guys, rather than materials science profession.

Eventually the coatings start coming off in the food, and you have to throw the pan away long before it would be worn out if it did not have a non-stick coating.

I have gone back to stainless steel – at least you can scrub it with steel wool. I have been using a stainless steel frypan while cruising on my boat for 15 years: to cook (burn) just about anything. It gets bashed about, over heated, charred black on open fires, and I just scrub the encrusted crud off with sand and seawater. It still looks good as new.

18/8 marine grade stainless steel. You can’t beat it

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I would presume dishwasher safe?

I disagree. Non-stick pans work just fine — if you use them properly. Most people don’t. People tend to cook with too much heat, and they tend to ignore advice about metal tools, which will ruin the pan.

A good stainless steel pan is a worthwhile investment — I have a couple, and I (used to) use them regularly (I’ve been cooking much less, recently). But, as an example, I’d far rather use a cheap, $20, Teflon pan for making eggs. They cook better and clean-up is much easier.

I also have a couple of cast iron pans — they can do things that stainless steel won’t. A typical cast iron pan has substantially more mass than a comparable stainless steel pan, so it holds heat better.

Want a perfect steak? Get a 3/4" think rib-eye, bone in. Brush it with oil, and liberally salt and pepper both sides. Get a cast iron pan, put it in the oven (empty) and turn the oven on to 500 degrees. When the oven’s up to temperature, turn on the burner to high, bring out the pan and put it on the burner. Do the steak for 30 seconds on each side, then stick it back in the oven for two minutes on each side. Pull it out, put it on a plate, and cover with foil. Let it rest for 10min.

You’ll never grill a steak again.

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