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Question not illegal

First of all, I am not a lawyer, so take this with a grain of salt. But, I do not believe these questions are illegal. While they are certainly frowned upon, I believe a private company may ask them under the conditions you’ve outlined. If you were providing the service/product, then you’d get into some murky waters with these questions. But, they’re “company” is the one providing the “service”, and you’re free to choose whom you purchase from and under whatever conditions can be mutually agreed upon. At some level you could run afoul of anti-trust laws if you were significantly restraining trade, but scamming the phishers like this would never be viewed as such.

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Thanks. That was my intuitive belief too, but you can never be sure with the law. It is a safe bet that these jerks won’t try to get legal relief.

I just wanted to demonstrate what it would take to stake out a claim that your business would only accept clients having Christian moral values. It looks so ridiculous written down.

It will be fun to play it dead pan when next I receive one of these annoying calls.

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Gold Partner dumped by Occams

Now we know, the main offender was an Indian company: one of Microsoft’s trusted Gold Partners Comantra.

If MS has the evidence to do that it should prosecute the bastards.

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