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RE: Green electricity should be cheaper

Not so. If it was a serious emergency, Washington Hospital Center’s Shock Trauma unit has a helicopter that could have me there in minutes under any traffic conditions.

And so does the Harrisburg/York area. In fact, I’m closer to facility where they launch from where I live than if I lived in either Harrisburg or York; so the issue is moot.

But hospitals aren’t just for emergencies, either. Those same world-class doctors are available for more routine consultation as well.

Yawn..same here.. so it takes me 15- 25 minutes to get to an appointment—-how long would it take you on your public transportation or walking? It’s moot—-the point is I have similar access.

I’ve never advocated primitivism as a solution to the climate change problem. I believe, as I always have, that the solution will be better technology. People won’t change, technology will.

And there’s the problem—people have to change. But..I never said we have to give up what we have; just that we have to get rid of these huge urban areas; they’re blighted, decaying, filthy, crime ridden places that should be buldozed and turned into greenspace. We’re destroying greenspace at a phenominal rate—-all in the name of ‘progress’ too. Just so we can FEED the masses of people that live on this planet, and let you have tomatoes 365 days a year or strawberries or blueberries. Of course, we’re playing with natural items to do that—from genetic manipulation to irradiation; all so we can keep food ‘fresh’ for shipment longer.

We don’t have to live on top of one another and produce billions of kilowatt hours of useless illumination that lights up the horizon. If we got rid of cities, reduced population, then all of the issues we have would be manageable.

You, sir (and people of your ilk) are the reason WHY the planet is fouled up beyond belief. You’re a smart guy—take a real look around you and think about the problems. The solutions are easy; implementation is what is difficult until people like you change your thinking.

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And so does the Harrisburg/York area

Sorry, but Harrisburg and York don’t have even one world class hospital between them. Comparing York Hospital and Hershey Medical Center are adequate hospitals, but nothing near the caliber of Washington Hospital Center or Georgetown University Hospital.

And there’s the problem—people have to change

And this is exactly why you’re the problem. People aren’t going to change. All your complaining about how much you hate cities isn’t going to change them a bit.

You’re spitting into the wind. You might as well pray for climate change to resolve itself for all the good you’re doing.

If we can’t solve the problem through technology — and I think it’s clear we can — then we can’t solve it any other way.

So, like I said. You’re welcome to live in caves and cook over fires. You’re not part of a viable solution to any of the world’s problems, though.

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