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RE: Baiting Them Into Speedtraps

actually, it works out quite well. trucks hardly ever get in the passing lane (they even have signs for areas where you aren’t supposed to do it), and trucks never go over 100km/h. and since no one passes on the right, it’s really quite easy/safe to pass a slower vehicle and get in the right lane without worrying about some ass racing up behind you and cutting into your blind spot.

the thing about changing lanes for faster cars is that you have to realize that not everyone can go the exact speed they want all the time. to make traffic flow well, sometimes you have to go faster than you’d like or get in the slower lane and go slower than you’d like. when you do this, it works out really well. while i have no formal proof, i imagine this limitation (you can’t always go the speed you want) is true for any traffic system (US, german, etc) under a reasonable load of cars not all wanting to go exactly the same speed. in my more bitter moments, i think that the typical american driver’s selfishness will prevent us from adopting systems like this.

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Traffic Equations by VnutZ

I remember Wired Magazine had a short article on an equation describing something similar to what you’re talking about. Though it was more about the effect a single driver could have on the traffic behind them and the resulting slowdown.



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