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RE: Baiting Them Into Speedtraps

i remember them being illegal in pennsylvania years ago, though i never actually read the law.

the issue i have with it is the whole speed trap / scanner arms race is a ridiculous waste of resources due to garbage laws that the majority doesn’t agree with. the result is a situation that breeds contempt for the law, shows the ignorance/greed of lawmakers, benefits from corruption (like how people who know the cops get off free), and creates a set of laws that are more easily avoidable by the rich/powerful.

that being said, tailgaters suck. they wouldn’t be as much of a problem if we had a traffic system more like germany’s, where people in the faster lanes are supposed to move over for faster traffic. it actually works quite well, and feels far safer than driving in the US where you have people slowboating in a wall across all the lanes, while people weave in and out of blind spots.

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That German system leads to signposted speed limits being treated, even by the law, as minimum speed limits rather than maximum. When going at the maximum legal speed, you are obliged to move over in order to let others break the law, which I have always found to be strange. Why should we care so much about their frustration.

When it works that way on a two lane each way highway, you have to be constantly changing lanes because, although you know the slow lane has all the cautious slow drivers and one will slow you up soon, you have to keep pushing back into it even when the fast lane is clear for miles. With even the heavy trucks doing this, it is probably a more unsafe system than simply allowing any speed up to the maximum in either lane.

… benefits from corruption (like how people who know the cops get off free) …

The true reality is they just don’t care since there are so many better things to occupy their time with. That and most of them simply don’t know what the scanners are – I used to walk through NYC with it clipped to my bag just listening to what was up and the cops never gave me a second look.

Of course, maybe they were just blinded by my NR10 awesomeness and couldn’t actually see the device.

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