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Media Entitlements

Scaling back, or cutting, PBS, NPR, etc. is playing with the public. These programs do have federal funding but also try to sustain themselves through fund raising efforts. These are sacred cows, so to speak, and invoke a visceral reaction for saving. This is a ploy used to gain support for less reactionary cuts by lumping them together as being attacked mercilessly.

The same thing is being tried with the HeadStart Program. If you raise enough voices in outrage against it, then perhaps it will be taken off the “cut heap”. Saved along with it will be hundreds of life sucking entitlements that need to be scrutinized separately. It’s just a ploy.

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The amount of monies provided to NPR, PBS, etc is not much; in fact it’s only 15% of the NPR budget. If they can raise 80%+ through donations, then they can raise 100% or scale themselves back like other non-profit entities do.

It’s long past time to stop funding these parasites and let them sink or swim on their own. I know plenty of nonprofit groups who not only fund themselves, but take 0 federal dollars—-including grants. And, some are multi-million dollar nonprofits. If they can do it, so can these groups.

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