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RE: AWD vehicle is useless in any condition other than dry pavement.??????

You clearly didn’t read the article.

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Strange because Chevvy claims

_1999 Chevrolet Astro: Astro’s all-wheel-drive system was revised so that power was only sent to the front wheels when needed for maximum traction. _
So it is a rear wheel drive vehicle most of the time. Until they lose grip, then the front helps out! Better than nothing I guess.

There were no changes to the drive system after 1999.

Ckearly the van has an effective traction control system to overcome the inherent AWD problems.
Therefore the original comment about AWD (without traction control) remains valid.

It is important to understand this because the marketing men won’t tell you. They will give you the impression you have a safe car though they have sold you a death trap. Therefore I think the use of hyperbole in the article was quite justified.

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