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A lot of the people at my boss’ level don’t claim small stuff (e.g., miles driving to places in town, tolls). From what I can gather, their view is something like, “I’ve been with the company 30+ years and they’ve treated me very well. I don’t think it’s worth the hassle to be sure they reimburse me for something I won’t even notice.”

I don’t know if my opinion will change when I have that many years with one employer (if that ever happens), but right now I like to keep things “clean.” So, even if I won’t notice the $1.50 toll, the company pays for the company’s expenses. Nice and orderly like.

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RE: Why WOULDN'T You? by VnutZ

A couple of years ago, my company didn’t give anybody raises – not even cost of living. While that happens a lot across the board, this place would send company wide emails about how times are tight and money’s not there for raises only to have meetings discussing how everything was on-track and revenues are up and comparable to prior years. Then you see your partner go buy himself a Porsche 911 Turbo on a whim …. Needless to say, I expensed everything, I was “getting mine” back.

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