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The Dreaded 'Forgot an Option'

This law would be unnecessary IF the Federal Government actually did their job and secured the border. Simple as that. But the border is as porous as ever, and the Fed either just really REALLY just doesn’t give a damn or collectively thinks that an increase in murders and kidnappings in border states is worth it for cheap labor. Also, all of this would be moot if Mexico wasn’t practically a failed state.

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Also, all of this would be moot if Mexico wasn’t practically a failed state.

At first that seems a wildly sarcastic comment but then you don’t really hear about the New Englanders (or any of the northern border states) trying to “deport all those pesky, system-mooching Canadians with their maple syrup”.

Welcome back Dilly.

Do you really think that the border states would welcome a big increase in federal law enforcement taking over along the international state borders. Perhaps they would. I don’t know. You are basically right. It is a federal responsibility. I doubt if the cheap labor is valued by the feds: for them it probably represents lost income tax revenue..

Is there an increase in murder and kidnapping happening in the border states?

These Mexicans are really only economic migrants.
Most Americans are descendants of economic migrants, many of them from failed states.

What do you think of the Israeli Ship blockade of Gaza?

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