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RE: Where to start learning, and government support of religion

The complete sets of the OEC Volumes 1978 and 1991 editions are available on megaupload if you care to search (I will not post a direct link as it could constitute copyright infringement).

I’m sure I’ve seen the last edition as a scanned PDF, but I’ll be damned if I can find it. In the earlier versions you should find the Fair Game policy under the Ethics and or Justice headings.

Might I also suggest you look this, this and this as well as the Manual of Justice, which whilst out of circulation, the policies held within are still in force.

Oh and that disclaimer you pointed to, it does show up in the 1991 OEC vol 1 edition, but not under the fair game policy, rather the “Suppressive Acts[,] Suppression of Scientology and Scientologists” on page 889. Interesting to note that the 1991 edition specifically omits the original fair game policy in its entirety, the policy it appears on has nothing in it (that I could see) that would even come close to illegal… In both earlier and later editions, the fair game policy is present for all to see, as well as the “cancellation” order.

One need only use google to search “fair game” to see that it isn’t just the odd nutbar who misunderstood. This is systematic, it is built in and if you had actually fully read that wikipedia entry carefully would have noted that they have even tried to defend it in a court of law as a protected “core practice”.

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