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Other ways to go vegetarian

Good post. My wife and I are not vegetarians but have started incorporating some vegetarian meals into our rotation. We first started to do this when we lived in Europe and meat was prohibitively expensive. As we were doing this, we read a Michael Pollan book and realized that this was probably not a bad idea for other reasons too.

So now we are back in the states. We started experimenting with tofu, mostly in asian style stir fry. This was good for a while but there was a certain point where I just couldn’t take it anymore. No matter what I did, I couldn’t get the tofu to taste any different than wet cardboard. So, we’ve gone away from that. We also tried some “Tofurky” Italian sausages in red sauce. These I also thought had a poor taste despite all the spices and flavorings and we haven’t done it again.

The main point is that we still do vegetarian meals but we have stopped trying to substitute things for meat. We are now building up a list of good recipes that just involve vegetables, grains, and dairy rather than meat substitutes. I know you don’t have this luxury – just trying to give some other readers ideas for eating differently. I might even try some of your suggestions above as we can always use some more variety.

I’m also willing to share recipes if anyone wants some suggestions.

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Glad you liked the post. Also, glad to know I am not the only one who thinks tofu tastes like wet cardboard!

Well, all I can say is good luck. It’s really hard to make a satisfying meal out of just vegetables – especially when you’re raised eating meat at ever meal. I’m not saying it’s not smart or even healthy, just that it will take some real self control/willpower.

This is a great way to save some money and bulk up your vitamin intake. Eating vegetarian meals doesn’t mean being a vegetarian 100% of the time or having to give up anything you love. They also don’t have to be boring like most people think.

In case you’re willing to try some other meat substitutes I have found that Morning Star sausage patties are pretty delicious. They need some salt and pepper before they go on the griddle but that’s it. Also, if ya’ll want any meal ideas I’ve got a whole blog full of vegetarian recipes you could try. www.badassvegetarian.blogspot.com


I’m also willing to share recipes if anyone wants some suggestions

I would be interested in some good recipes. I have never been a big fan of meat, but it is just what my family ate during my childhood (I basically ate corn and spanish rice…) As an adult, I can now enjoy eating meat, but I would hate to have it everyday. My wife and I have tried several meat-free dishes, with varying levels of success and I am always on the lookout for new ways to move away from overconsumption of meat. Post away, or an article or something.

As for tofu, I lived in Korea for two years so I guess I just acquired a taste for wet cardboard (and kimchi… my taste buds are just screwed up). Sometimes I crave the stuff. Luckily it rains a lot in Galveston, so I can just set out an old packing box and viola, I get my fill. =)


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